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 Wanted: New Artist

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PostSubject: Wanted: New Artist   Wanted: New Artist EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 1:07 am

So, I'm back to updating for now.

However... I gotta say, I'm not that consisten with making art, and I don't have as much fun doing it as I'd like to say :S Really, I enjoy writing this comic. I like planning out how the dialogue will go, and I like writing the script. I realize it's selfish to say that I wish someone else would do the art, but I think it'd help the comic itself if someone did, as my presentation is probably pretty lacking.

So here's my plea: if someone with a decent amount of ability specializing in manga style art wouldn't mind doing the art, then please feel free to apply here in the thread. For the sake of auditioning, just redraw a comic I made: that simple.

I don't expect any responses, but I figure that maybe in ten years or something someone will pick this up and this comic will be better for it.
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Wanted: New Artist
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